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For the quality, design, software, support and features - our prices are almost impossible to beat.

Local Feel / National Support

The platform and software has been built for local PF chapters. Your chapter is a local organization, so we keep our websites focused on a local feel, featuring local projects, local sponsors, local events and tools to help promote your Chapter locally. With the local feel in design, we also provide the consistancy of Pheasants Forever's nationally recongized brand as the organizations official Chapter Website Provider.

Website Management Tools

Your website is only as good as the tools used to support it. Any website need fresh content regularly to be Blank to that and, our modules are easy and fun to use.

For those who are starting a website, just pick a few pages, provide us content (Microsoft Word document files and a few photos will do) and we can get some initial pages designed for you.

Custom Photo Library

Not your average stock photography. Since we are hunters, we work with pheasant hunting and upland game outfitters across the nation, and we run, so we have taken thousands of habitat and hunting photos for you to put on your website in case you are just starting your chapter or don't have photos available.

Design Upgrades

As the internet evolves, so does the technology behind it. Serving as the preferred chapter website provider also means we are able to make wholesale content or technology upgrades painlessly.

Feature Upgrades

As a perk of being a part of the 3plains family, we are constantly striving to make our software better. So when it comes to new ways to intergrate your website with devices, or upgrades in different loading or content feaures, or the necessary security patches needed to be completed on your site. We are always upgrading your site behind the scenes and adding new features to make your experience a pleasant one. When you login to your chapter website, you will see the latest updates, software bugs and feature requests from other chapter members.


We Are PF Members & Upland Hunters

We care about the Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever mission and this is our way of supporting conservation. Read more about the individuals behind the scenes for yourself.

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Custom Map & Custom Logo

Each local chapter will get a custom logo and a custom map to identify and personalize your chapter.