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FAQ & Resources

FAQ & Resources

Who runs and what is it?

3plains owns and runs is a website platform made exclusively for local Pheasants Forever chapters. You can read more about us.

How is Affiliated with Pheasants Forever National?

Pheasants Forever national has named 3plains ( as their official chapter provider. We run independently of Pheasants Forever national and do meet with them on a bi-annual basis on inititives to keep the Pheasants Forever branding standards uniform. The result? We bring the cohesion between national Pheasants Forever and local Pheasants Forever chapters.

How quick can I get my new website up and running?

24-48 hours during normal business hours.

I can host a website for much cheaper. Why

A legitimate question. The annual cost we provide is not just "hosting". Hosting is only part of the cost. Our price includes a variety of things.

  1. Hosting - We host with Amazon Web Services, one of the industry leader.
  2. Domain - Paid domain name, annual renewal and registration.
  3. Design - With another host, you still need to design your own website or pay another developer to build it. With our system, our web design is included at no cost.
  4. Updating - With another host, you will need to find a way update the website yourself or pay a developer to update it. With our system, our software allows anyone with no web skills to update the site.
  5. Support - Being part of the family, you will benefit from other chapters that need related software.

Do you do custom work?

Yes. Any custom development will be billed at current rates. If a item is deemed to be beneficial to other chapters and is found to be replicate-able, we may not bill the item or the item may be subsidized to the benefit of the other chapters.

Can I have a different web design than the standard design install?

We have 5 different web designs as of 2018. This will not cost any additional money for upgrades if you are on our network.

Why have a website with us over Facebook?

Facebook is very fragmented with its timeline and hard to find upcoming fundraising, youth and local chapter events. It's organized in a timeline instead of logical modules or buckets.

Online Payments

If you will be doing firearm related sales for raffles, PayPal/Square won't work. will work for gun raffles and everything else you need to do. Read more here.

Logo Usage

Logo usage, logo downloads and social media toolkit.