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Manage your Pheasants Forever chapter website with full with ease. Our websites offer web design control to keep the design uniform and flexiblity to add what you need.


Our goal with the new front page is to keep your members active.

  • A front page slider (rotating group of photos) with the ability to showcase different events, projects, banquets, or upcoming raffles.
  • On the front page slider - we will have pre-set phrases you can add to these photos with buttons to entice users to learn more about the event or even sign up now!
  • Optional special section for your sponsors - upsell your donating sponsors to be featured on the front page of your site - make more money for your chapter!

Annual Banquet

With the combined effort of the new online payment acceptance features with Regitix and the new format of our Annual Banquet module, now you are able to feature, update, and even archive your banquets through your website. We have taken your website to another level. Check out these new features for your banquets!

  • Feature Upcoming Banquets
  • Display both Live and Silent Auction Items
  • Registration forms and online payments
  • Featured Raffle item displays
  • Archiving past events and showcase some winners

Chapter Officers

This section will display photos, names, contact information and even maybe a small bio of each memeber.

Chapter News

Keeping your members up to date is easy. We have a special secion for you to display your chapter news and monthly updates. Now you can keep connected to your members by sending them to your website.


If your state allows it, accept raffles online. We work with a few different merchant accounts.

Chapter Meetings

In the past, chapter meetings have been nothing more than a line of text hidden on the about us page on past Pheasants Forever chapter websites. We decided to have a dedicated link and section just for the meetings along with upcoming meetings, past meetings and past meeting notes. Adding chapter meetings is as simple as one click copy and changing the date. We feel it's important enough to show your meetings visually to your new or existing members to get them actually to come to the meetings if you want more participation.

Chapter Events

Chapter events.

We understand events are a big part of fundrasing and promotion of your chapter. Currently, we are working with Pheasants Forever National to push your events out to events website.

Local Sponsors

Now give your local sponsors a specialized area to promote their businesses. A possible spot for you to upsell your sponsors on their donation, giving them the recognition they deserve!

Analytics Options

Tracking your website analytics is important to reviewing your marketing strategies. This is important to see where visitors are going on your website, how they are interacting, and what parts of your website needs work. We utilize Stat and setup on to your website is included with the package.

An optional service that is Google Analytics. You must have a gmail account to access this, but you need to setup the account from your end.


Future Options

Looking for a secure private location to communicate bewtween chapter members? Login to our new member login system. You will be able to post and have information available to members only documents or notes, you could even call this a chapter officer area. This will be a great place to store and archive those important information documents.


Events are a big part of fundrasing and promotion of your chapter. Now you can actively promote your chapter events through this national website link.

View Events Website

It's HERE! Now take online payments and donations via internet. No more checks coming in the mail, we have a system that is pre-programmed and been approved for your chapters to use and take advantage of. - - More Info about the system

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