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Legal & Terms

Legal & Terms

Legal information regarding, 3plains, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever.

1. Pheasants Forever / Quail Forever Logo Web Usage

The standard logo to be used on all web and printed pieces is the silo logo with the tagline "The Habitat Organization", this is the
preferred logo to use. (See figure 1b & 1c) The logo without the silo may be used in addition to the silo, but should not be the sole logo on any piece.

Pheasants Forever / Quail Forever Logo Usage Document

Pheasants Forever / Quail Forever Silo Logo

2. Website Images

All Images that are marked on them as "Copyright" are owned by 3plains and not to be redistributed by any website other than a current annually subscribing client of 3plains.

Shall a 3plains annually subscribing client cancel service, the images marked on them as "Copyright" must be removed from the website within 30 days of cancelling.