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Website Installation & Setup

Our setup is simple and your website can be live in less than 24-48 hours during normal business hours. Your website setup will fall into 2 options: New Website or Existing Website.

New Chapter Website

New Chapter Website

A new chapter means you don't have a domain name or a current website.

Setup - $250 / 1 Time Fee **
Recurring - $360 / Annual

Total Investment Year 1 - $610 Total
Total Investment Year 2 - $360 Total

What do you get for your one-time fee? This includes:

  • Domain registration & concierge
  • Website setup, design installation & build
  • Website pre-Loaded with default chapter content & photos
  • Website content migration **

Domain - Pick one domain (Example: We recommend choosing a .org domain name that is easy for people to remember. Options:,, etc. You may pick other domain names at a cost of $20/per domain name. There is no reason to buy multiple domain names, since most people just Google search for a company name these days vs. just typing in

** Note: The setup cost includes 2 hours of labor in the content migration.

Recurring Maintence

Recurring Maintence

The recurring fee cover a variety of services and products. This includes:

  • Domain name renewal
  • Domain name management
  • Hosting
  • Content Management System (3plains CMS)
  • Website Software Upgrades & Updates
  • Website Design Upgrades & Updates
  • Technical Support
  • Traffic Reporting Tools

Since our Pheasants Forever website tools are constantly getting updated, we will roll out future website design's in the future and your recurring fee includes all of this at no additional cost.